Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day

I don't often brag about my husband. It's not often that positive things escape my lips. But I after spending an afternoon with a friend whose heart is hurting over relationship stuff, and making valentine's day cards with friends, I feel overwhelmed with love for him. I couldn't begin to list off all the things that amaze, astound, and ennoble him, but I can make a pathetic beginning. He is an amazing father. He comes home from work and immediately gets into playing with his son. They have a special "teekle" time, as Leif calls it, and also there is some light wrestling involved. Leif giggles for his father like no one else. Chad loves us both, and we are his first priority. He demonstrates this by asking for my opinion on any extra activities.

Chad is an amazing person. He loves and cares for people. When a dear friend of his was going through a divorce, Chad was hurting to heavily that he was ill for a few days. Chad works as a counselor at his school and frequently carries the weight of the many hurts that he hears about. He doesn't say much about it, but it shows on his face, especially when really selfish parents are involved.

Chad is an incredible husband. He brings me flowers on bad days, and lets me lay around when I don't feel great. He cleans the kitchen better than I can, and always helps me hang the laundry when he's home. He works his rear off so we can have enough money to cover our expenses plus some. More importantly than all that, he's gorgeous.

I love my husband. I could write for pages and never say enough.

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