Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Little Things

In life it is the little things that we do for each other that can make the biggest impact. Someone recently handed me some movie tickets with a little note, and it meant the world to me. I've made an attempt at listing a few little things but I would LOVE to read any ideas anyone else has...

1. Write a note, unexpectedly, letting someone know what they mean to you.
2. Stop by their house with some flowers.
3. Call someone up just to see how they are.
4. Make someone a meal (a personal fave)
5. If someone has a new baby, offer to hang out for an afternoon so mum can sleep.
6. Ask someone out to coffee
7. Mow your neighbours's nature strip.
8. Bring an interesting tea blend to someone to try out.
9. Make up CD especially for them.
10. Bring tubs and give someone a foot bath (it makes it less awkward if you join in too!)
11. Leave someone a comment on their blog.


corex said...

12. dont leave a comment that makes the blogger feel crap.

comment...dream or you'll shrivel up.

Lydia said...

good reminder!!! thanks.
i wish this stuff came naturally to me. i need to post this stuff on my wall somewhere to help me remember!

Lian said...

I have to push myself to do nice things for people too. A friend of mine was thinking about publishing a book called "The Little Things". I wish she would cause it would be awesome!


Anonymous said...

being a mom is not death, but passing on the life to your child, the one you send into the world like an arrow. like kalal, sending superman, all of him contained in that child. it is a gradual pouring out of your heart, dreams, love, ideals, values, strength, into the life of another. its the best. and hardest job ever. mcm

nikki_budiman said...

a hug is a little thing, that can make someone's day in a huge way

great list... I've been challenged (in a good way :))