Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Week At Camp

I wonder if his parents know before he was born. I wonder if they considered aborting him. They certainly would have been given the option. I'm sure they cried when it became apparent; the tell-tale eyes, the expression...Down-syndrome. Yet there he was, for a whole week of camp, surrounded by 200 other people. Every meal he served, taking the loathsome task of scraping the plates, serving those around him. When the week ended, everyone knew him. He was marked, not by the obvious genetic malformation, but by his servant's heart and the way he worshipped his God. The lives of all who attended the camp will forever be changed by this Christ follower.

When I was pregnant the first thing asked of me was whether I would abort if my child had Downs Syndrome. I said no, but thought about it over and over since...Since meeting this teenage boy, I will wonder no longer. I think his lesson will resound longer than any other teaching at that camp.

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